Baby amber beads
Baby amber teething necklaces

Baby Teething Necklaces is the type of necklace specially created for babies. Amber Teething necklace is a traditional European remedy used to reduce baby teething pain. Used for centuries in Europe. Excellent results! We ship amber teething necklaces from Europe (Baltic States) mainly to USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia. However necklaces can be shipped to any country in the world.

These are a high quality amber necklaces made up of carefully polished Baltic amber beads of several shapes (round beads, oval beads, rounded beads, freeform beads, nugget shape beads, olive shape beads, baroque beads, box beads, cube beads).These are very rare Baltic amber necklaces. Some of them have unique designs and are one-of-a-kind items. Necklaces available in various colors: white, yellow-white, green, cognac, royal white, dark cherry, golden, grey, black pearl, honey, cherry, butterscotch, dark cognac, lemon, dark green, pale yellow to dark brown, white pieces with a yellowish or bony tint are rare, and reddish, bluish and greenish tinted pieces are very rare. Some pieces of Baltic amber are transparent and clear, and others are cloudy and opaque.

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Is your child having trouble teething, red cheeks, dribbling, painful gums and sleepless nights?
There are many pills and potions out there but putting different chemicals into your child’s body may not be for you. A popular remedy for teething pain in parts of mainland Europe is amber, worn as a short necklace. So how do they work? Firstly it’s important to remember that they are NOT for the child to chew on, they work by being worn against the skin, the heat of which releases microscopic amounts of oil, which is then absorbed into the skin.
These amber teething necklaces are made of Baltic amber which is distinct from other types of amber as it contains succinic acid and it is this compound which gives amber teething necklaces their therapeutic quality. Succinic acid is naturally occurring in every cell of the human body and has many functions; analgesic (for pain relief), expectorant (to decrease mucous in the nose and chest), anti pyrectic (anti fever), anti spasmodic (reduces the diarrhoea from an over active bowel) and anti inflammatory (reduces the red cheeks and dribbling).
Some parents of children with amber teething necklaces report that they don’t even know when new teeth break through as the child is no different to their normal contented self. Obviously safety is paramount and there are a few things to consider; Baltic sea amber teething necklaces should be worn only under supervision, and should be worn under the clothing against the skin. They are short to reduce the risk of getting caught on anything and the child will become desensitised to its presence around their neck. Amber teething necklaces should be removed during naps or night time.
Each bead is rounded to prevent sharp edges damaging the child’s skin, and is individually knotted on to cotton so that if a breakage were to occur only one bead would come off the necklace, and their small size makes them much less likely to cause choking should they then be swallowed. The screw on clasp is made of plastic and not silver, and if a great strain is put on the necklace, this clasp will give way and allow the necklace to break open.

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Who can wear it?

The best thing is that it looks adorable on boys as well as girls! The necklace is suitable from about 3-4 months of age. The miseries of teething can often continue for 2 years or more, and we can tell you from our experience it's never too late for your child to start wearing this necklace!

Product details

Infant teething necklaces are made for both baby boys and baby girls!
The approximate length of amber baby necklaces is 12.6-13 inches or 31-33 centimeters.
The string is knotted between each bead so should the necklace break (which it should if necessary), all of the beads will not be scattered.
The color of baby necklaces depends on the style and can be white, honey, butterscotch also there may polished amber beads or raw amber beads.

Our experience

Our experience has been great for our three children in which we have not had to experience the horror stories of other parents spending sleepless nights of trying to calm a baby. We have many friends, colleagues and family members who have used these necklaces for years with surprising success for other health problems.

Unique necklaces

This beautiful handmade amber teething necklace glows warmly against baby's skin. It is made from high grade 100% Baltic Amber and, as a natural product, you can expect to find air bubbles and natural particles within the amber itself. No two beads or necklaces are exactly alike. The color of these beads is cognac, and we also offer other color alternatives elsewhere in our listings. All have the same calming qualities. 12 inches The length of the necklace may vary according to the size of the stones. As the beads are all natural Baltic Amber the color of the beads may vary and the shape of the beads may vary.

Our recommendations

We recommend taking the necklace off whenever your baby will be without close supervision.

warning Warnings and Cautions
Our suggested list of required warnings and cautions:

  • Amber teething necklaces should be removed when baby is sleeping or unattended!

  • Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing!

  • Please use caution and supervise your child while using the necklace!

warning Disclaimer
We cannot assume any responsibility in the wearing of this necklace.